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Cities the world over are facing similar problems and challenges. The growth of population and demand for transport at all times of the day and night; the demand for increased personal mobility; the need to improve air quality; the incredible speed of change brought about by technology and the difficulty in the regulations keeping up; the progress of autonomous vehicles; pressure of freight and logistics fueled by internet shopping and very fast delivery promises, and many more. 

Shaking things up demands a deep understanding of what’s gone before so we work to ensure the lessons of the past are fully recognised in plans for the future. Throughout his career, Leon  has been fascinated by London’s ever-evolving, social and cultural history.  London is not homogenous and we should never assume that London is Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea. It’s not all dense retail, packed populations and swanky cars. Our city is really a series of interconnected towns so when we talk London transport, we must never base our plans on Oxford Street and the Embankment. We must think of Bromley, Hornsey Rise, Barnet, and East Ham. It’s vital to acknowledge such complexity and diversity, and to develop solutions that work for one and all.

Autonomous vehicles are simultaneously the most threatening and the most exciting thing for our metropolises. The benefits could be huge: from free-flowing cities, to safer, more accessible and more affordable transport, and increased inclusion, productivity and creativity. And if it can work in London, it can work anywhere* but we need to ensure we achieve all this, without harming the planet. It would be a tragedy if in 50 years we found ourselves with yet more congestion and pollution.  

(To download a copy of the United Kingdom's Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill (2018) click HERE )


Debate of all these issues is central to the planning of Future Cities.  To contribute to the debate or discuss how Leon Daniels & Associates can help your organisation in these areas, please contact us using the form below.   

We aim to respond within 24 hours

* Ben Roberts,VP Product, Five AI 

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