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We’re using the power of autonomy to transform Europe’s cities.   

For everyone.

We’re bringing together the best minds in AI, engineering and mobility to deliver a fully autonomous shared transport service for Europe’s cities.

The benefits will be huge and wide-ranging:


Optibus helps the world’s leading transit providers better run mass-transportation through advanced artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms.

Optibus 1.jpg


Xeroe's mobile-first platform provides both businesses and individuals with access to green transportation. 

interel is an integrated global public affairs and association management consultancy that understands the bigger picture. We guide the relationships between people, ideas, and organizations. We master the dynamics of government policy, complex markets, associations and business sectors. We move your goals forward and raise awareness of the issues critical to the success of your mission on a local and global level.

With offices in Washington, Brussels, London, Paris, Berlin, Beijing & New Delhi, along with our worldwide network of affiliate firms managed through the Interel Global Partnership, Interel covers nearly 70 markets and serves its clients wherever and whenever they need help in the world.

In a complex world of sometimes competing stakeholder agendas, we focus on nurturing the essential connections that advance your interests.

High quality information design in all its forms

We live in a world of shorter and shorter attention spans. If your message is not engaged with and understood in seconds, your customer is gone.   Information should be:

• accurate

• relevant

• of high usability for novices and experts

• to the point

• uncluttered by low value content

• with all parts of the chain visually coherent

London Reconnections

London Reconnections is a website and magazine dedicated to quality, long-form writing about London transport.

Covering everything from the history of the network to current and future transport operations and policy, new content is published weekly online. The best of this, along with some yet-to-be-published articles can be purchased in a beautiful print compendium which is published bi-monthly.

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