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If it's Thursday, it must be IAA 2018 in Hanover

Volvo Hybrid Shuttle

Ending the week in Hannover at IAA 2018 which addresses the question of what the future of commercial vehicles will be like. The whole commercial vehicle sector is on a path of innovation and the particularly important topics here are automation and connectivity, safety and security, environmental protection, electric mobility and new logistics and traffic concepts for the towns of the future. Here are some highlights...

After years of work between TfL and others and the manufacturers we now see new good vehicles built with safety in mind. Lower cabs, better visibility, protection to prevent injuries to pedestrians and cyclists etc. This one also has cameras instead of mirrors for better visibility and less chance of hitting someone or something with it. Well done MAN.

And well done to VW/Scania for also doing the right thing and producing this excellent safety cab for HGVs

Electric bus innovation from Karsan and BYD

Steps backwards from VW's Volksbus where front portion sweats are all on plinths, has steps to rear section and more steps to the rear seats. Negative progress.

I first bought Turkish BMC School buses when at FirstGroup, here is their full size single decker. Also from Turkey for sightseeing duties

Some big beasts...

and finally, Hall 21 - the Vintage Hall

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